(Blurry picture is blurry)

So I received all the things yesterday.  I honestly think I’m (mostly) done spending money on the Inductrix, save for some replacement bits as things wear out. 

First, that E-Flite box is the Celectra 4-Port Charger, and is one of the three best options out there for multi-battery charging, and probably the best for a novice.  It’s unreasonably bulky because it’s designed to use 4 D-Cell batteries or an (optional – as in not included m’fmrs) AC adapter.  However, the thing is fast, independent, and even actually got my E-Flite battery that wasn’t taking a charge to work.  And while at first I was frustrated with the size of the box, the fact my FPV monitor sits perfectly on top of it for charging is great.

Second, I’ve now got what I hope is enough batteries to get me through the winter.  Six Nitro Nectar batteries give me enough juice to fly around the house for about a half hour.  On top of that these things give WAY more punch than my old batteries did.

Third update for flight stuff today (as I won’t be flying at lunch) – I gave the wife a spin on this yesterday.  Much like myself, she had a lot of difficulties flying LOS, but with a bit of coaching she was able to start zipping around the living room a bit more.

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