Lunch Log: 2016-11-07

Flight Practice

Ahh…. this is where I got to fly.  No obstructions, almost no people.  I spent the time flying from one end, to the other, looping around that yellow cone, then up into the air where I dodged projectors, then landing on the stage where I was sitting.

Good times.

Unfortunately – I’ve got one battery that’s gone bad on me, which seems to be common with the stock battery that comes with the Induxctrix FPV.  So I only got about a total of 6 minutes air time, but what a six they were.

I also briefly put the quad in Acro mode.  Boy did I regret that one almost immediately!  A hell of a lot more punch, but I’m way more likely to crash.

On the upside, I did almost do a flip.

Some other notes: Over the weekend I went to my mothers, who has a good sized, fenced in yard.  With the wind still, I took it outside. I briefly flew over her house before a gust sent me down.  After that, I did a lot of flying around the yard, and even into the house itself.

Ham Update

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