Arm Chair Review: FrSky Taranis Q X7

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A few ripples have been made recently from FrSky, the makers of the Taranis 9X – one of the most popular radios for quadcoptor racing, has started to come close to releasing the Taranis Q X7.  While details are still flowing out, I’d say it’s worth a look at.

A few have been put out in the wild for some key people, most notably Scott Page over at RC groups.  Most images in this article will be from there.


Runs on 2S & 3S Lipos, and can store on its own 60 models (more with SD card). Compatible with FrSky X, D, and V8-II receivers out of the box, but thankfully still can use external modules.  Screen is backlit, but does not seem to be colorful.

Switches & Gimbals

The remote features a momentary switch, one two position switch, four three position switches, and two pots in the front.

The gimbals both spring loaded to stay in the center (Mode 0?).  As odd as this seems, it also seems to be very easy to set either gimbal to freely slide or ratchet, as you please.

Features of Note

The remote looks to have full voice output, vibration alerts, logging, RSSI alerts, USB support, and the Taranis 9XD+ files are compatible.

Build Notes

A lot of people complain about how “small” and “cheap” the build is compared to the 9X. Page even commented that it feels small in your hands, and it is decidedly lighter – potentially a good thing, in my opinion though.

It may be a slightly cheap looking build – very much closer to a toy remote than the 9x in term of plastic quality. But looking at the two compared side by side, the size argument starts to fall down a bit:


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While it seems to have the same surface area, it’s seems a bit thinner than it’s elder brother.  This may be why it feels smaller.

Overall Thoughts

This definitely seems to be designed as an entry-level radio for people focused on FPV drone racing. I’ve got myself down on the pre-order list, and I’m hoping the price point comes in around $100.  It definitely feels like more a safe investment for a novice than the Taranis, and the fact the model designs are transferable is also a solid plus.

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